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When it comes to knowing that you're working with the right dealership to address your needs on the roads ahead, we welcome you to come down to our store and chat with our professionals. Learn all about our inventory of Chevy Silverado for sale at both our locations and get to know the options and features that ensure you're going to drive farther, better - with state-of-the-art capabilities that you'll appreciate every time you start the engine and head out on your adventures or to work. We're here for you every step of the way at MacCarthy. Your store for an incredible experience finding the best Silverado 1500, 2500, or 3500 models to match your needs and expectations. Better still, with a variety of impressive models of new and pre-owned Silverado options on out lot, you're going to certainly be treated to the best the industry has to offer.

Reliability is what makes the Chevy brand a favourite. With the Silverado 1500 offering drivers a max towing capacity of up to 5,670 kg (12,500 lb), the Silverado 2500 with a max towing up to 6,577.2 kg (7,000 lb) and the Silverado 3500 providing you with the outstanding max towing of 10,523 kg (23,200 lb), well, you get the picture. These are impressive vehicles that do more than ever before to ensure you get the results you're after. Whether you're off to work, off to play, off to adventure or any of the various options and opportunities beyond or above! You're going to have all you need to make the most out of your driving experience when you choose MacCarthy GM and the Silverado brand! Find yours today at either of our great locations!


For drivers looking for an exceptional vehicle that has features to impress, check out what the Silverado 1500 can do for you. Examples of power, you'll have the options to get behind a vehicle that can handle up to a 5,670 kg (12,500 lb.) max towing capacity and a fuel efficiency as good as 10.7-L/100km highway. The Silverado is also prominently featured as the "Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality" by J.D. Power in 2016. Discover the model that matches your needs when you work with the experts at MacCarthy GM.


There are few vehicles that have the presence on the road the way you'll find on the Silverado 2500. With all the advanced features and the fantastic packages that make driving a heavy-duty pickup great. Add to all of that the fact that you'll have as much as 8,165 kg (18,000 lb.) towing capacity and you can be certain that you're going to get out there and experiencing the roads ahead without complications. A max torque of 765 lb-ft definitely adds to the possibilities! Find out more today at MacCarthy GM.


The Silverado 3500 stands at the top of the segment for good reasons - it gets work done easier - better. Ground breaking commitment and impressive towing capacity of 10,523 kg (23,200 lb.) allows drivers to get ahead of the curve with the capabilities that stand out and reward you every kilometre ahead. Now, let's get to work finding you the best model from the Silverado lineup today - at MacCarthy GM!


When it comes time to head out to a dealership to find out more about your next favourite vehicle or to find solutions to help maintain and keep your current vehicle on the road for years to come, we invite you to check out the competition, of course - but we want you to know that you have everything you could possible want or need when you choose the team at MacCarthy GM. So, why not start with us instead? With years of experience backed by the smiles and the appreciation of lifelong customers that trust us and rely on our expertise, well, we want you to be able to have a dealership you too can call your own.